All About Ken Snyder

"Sometimes the facts can make the truth disappear......."
"It's not so much what you know as what you believe to be so......."

Due to popular demand (no, not really-I was just bored) I decided to do one of these personal page things. All you ever wanted to know about me, and probably a lot that you didn't want to know, too.

"Harmless is one thing, a little knowledge is not......."

My Real Name: Kenneth W. Snyder (only my mom ever calls me that, and only when I'm in trouble).  No, I'm not the Ken Snyder that plays in the band Cut Throat (but I recommend him highly) or the disc jockey on Kansas City's 101 FM (but we've talked), I'm one of the other ones.  And no, I didn't make animated cartoons in the 60's and 70's -- but I did watch them.

Age: Somewhere between 30 and Death (saw that on a button, and I've liked it ever since).  More like "40 and Death" with the distance determined on a minute-by-minute basis.

Family Status: Married to the former Ms. Chelsea Henry, one son from a previous marriage: Kenny Wayne Snyder, Jr. Now you all know what the "W" stands for.

What Do You Do For A Living: I work as an Avionics Mechanic for a large airline. At least for now.......

What Else Do You Do? I spend a lot of time in my garage working on my race cars, and I have started my own small (very small) business dealing with installing and maintaining the electrical systems on race cars, A/Q Wiring Service.  Plus, I've built a couple of web sites - you're looking at one.......

I also like to perform music. My background in music dates back to before I was even in grade school, and has been active on one level or another ever since. Primarily I sing, but I do try to play some guitar as well.

 More stuff about me and what I like

 Pictures from my life that I find important (no, there aren't any compromising ones either!)

 Links to sites I enjoy surfing (when I have the time)

 Ken's Starfires: The Silver Bullet and The Red Bullet  At last - something about cars that _aren't_ raced. At least not now...

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"It's hardly ever like you think, it's almost always like you fear......."


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