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My favorite Oldsmobile-related pages, in no particular order:

Ken Snyder Racing logo
Ken Snyder Racing - who else would I start out with?
For those of you who want to keep up with the work in progress on our race cars, or old pictures, they're now on our picture archive.

A REAL "OLDS-POWERED" MAILBOX - Read about one man's way of "revving up" his US Mail!

Oldsmobile logo
Unfortunately, since GM killed off our beloved brand, there is no more official Oldsmobile site.

Oldsmobile Club of America logo
The Official Oldsmobile Club of America Web Site - you want official, then here 'tis!

Oldsmobile FAQ List -- great one-stop resource for Oldsmobile-related questions
ALSO - Now available on the Olds List's Google® site!

Official Oldsmobile Club of America Chapters: logo - THE site for the most complete information regarding the 1970 and 1971 Cutlass Supreme SX's!

Hurst/Olds Club of America logo
Hurst/Olds Club of America - The authority for Hurst/Olds information and links.

Heart of America Chapter logo
HEART OF AMERICA CHAPTER -- Kansas City area Rockets, always plenty of activities going on!


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BRYCEMAN'S OLDSMOBILE PAGES - A great collection of reference information, wonderful picture gallery, and overall nice guy. What else can I say?

Dr. Oldmobile logo
Dr. Oldmobile - providing parts and information to help ease the pain of restoring these FABULOUS FLIERS of the FIFTIES.

The sight many a racer saw of the 1969 Hurst/Olds if he raced against it....
Jeff Meister's Hurst/Olds Pages NOTE: NEW ADDRESS - a truly fantastic site, chock full o'H/O stuff, just waiting for you....

Olds G-Mail logo - The home of the Oldsmobile G-body Mailing List. Updated Tech Pages, an Owner's Registry, even a Store. Stop by and check 'em out!

Toronado Owners Association - FWD Spoken Here!  Lots of great information.

G-Body Organization
G-BODY ORGANIZATION - Covering the 1978 to 1988 Cutlasses, along with the other GM intermediates.  But you'll want to see the Olds section, right?

Supercars Unlimited
SUPERCARS UNLIMITED - Olds performance available here!

Oldsmobile Street Rockets of Detroit
Oldsmobile Street Rockets of Detroit - Amazing collection of street-driven Olds power!
The 73 - 77 Olds Forums - information galore on message boards regarding this 5-year run of Cutlasses and 442s!


All of this Olds enthusiasm may have you yearning for more, so where do you go?
newsTo the Olds e-mail lists, that's where!

Stop by the Oldsmobile List FAQ page to learn how to get on Greg Beaulieu's Olds List (NOTE: New List Location On Google®).
Click Here for the latest info on the G-body Olds list!

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And there's more!
We're arranged by subject area for your surfing pleasure!

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Pre-1964 sites:
Doug Parry's Olds-Powered GOTRA Racer -- While it's actually a 1941 Chevy body, it has a 1953 Olds 303 V-8 under the hood!
Dr. Oldmobile's Fiesta Wagon -- A link inside Willis' site to the 1958 Tribute Fiesta wagon project, YOU'VE NEVER SEEN A WAGON QUITE LIKE THIS!. -- Absolutely an amazing site, tech data, forum, photos, just about all you could ask for!
I need more listings here -- click here and submit your site!

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1964 - 1976 except Cutlass/442:
I need some listings here too -- click here and submit your site!

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1964 - 1977 Cutlass/442:
Milton Shick's Thunder Lizard (on The OldsZone) - Members of Greg's Olds List (see lists above) have heard about the Thunder Lizard, now you can see it!
"The Rocketeer" Thurman's Home Page - I used to have a car like "Easter"....................
The OldsZone - You are about to enter.......The OldsZone. Rod Serling couldn't have said it better.  One mean green '69 442.
Alex's 70 Olds Cutlass - Go Fast.... Go Olds.  455 with plenty of both!
RockMan's Classic '69 Oldsmobile - Currently in mourning due to an accident, stop by to pay your respects.
Scott Mountney's 72's - What's better than one?  Why two, of course....
Mike Bloomer's Oldsmobile Pages - a 68 Cutlass Supreme and 72 Cutlass 'S' for your viewing pleasure!
Doug Newman's '65 442 - Might be the only 65 442 in the state of Mississippi! So sweet, he ought to call it "candy"!
John & Heather Livingston's 442 - One beautiful blue 1968 442 convertible, good links
Mr. Whipple's 442 And Hash House Harriers Page - Some great pictures of a frame-off resto in progress, excellent how-to!
Chris Kugler's '77 442 - Just my type of Olds pilot, he autocrosses his ride! Beautiful car!

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1977 to present except A/G Body Cutlass/442:
Joe Sherbanenko's '84 Delta 88 - Joe Knows Oldsmobiles!  Different is good......

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1978 to 1988 Cutlass/442:
Mark Tupper's Oldsmobile Page - 87 Cutlass Supreme 442 and more -- Founding member of the G-Body List!
Doug Newman's '87 442 - As if having the classy '65 listed above wasn't enough! Last of the RWD 442's, nice custom touches!

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Mega-collections and sites of special interest:
John Pajak's Page - THIS guy knows how to collect Oldsmobiles, 13 when I visited the page...... - Truly a GREAT collection, be sure to check out the mid-engined 442!
The 350 Diesel Page - Loads of great information about the 1978 to 1985 Olds Diesel engines and how to keep them running good!
W-MACHINES ARE OLDSMOBILE PERFORMANCE - '65 JetStar 1, '67 442, '69 442, '66 442, and a 1992 W-41Achieva SCX -- WOW!
Ted's Oldsmobile Site - 1962 Starfire, 1964 Cutlass 442, 1965 442, 1966 442, 1967 442 and a 1935 F35 Street Rod thrown in for good measure!

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Sites Related to the H-Special / H07 Special Body Style
(Starfire, Monza, Skyhawk & Sunbird):

Ken's Starfires - The Silver Bullet and the Red Bullet: My 1980 Starfires and their stories. logo
The H-Body Organization: excellent information resource about all the GM H-Bodies!

V8 Monza Homepage

Bob Gumm's V-8 Monza Page: Custom V-8 Monza info, great place for V-8 H-Body fans!


Want to join our OldsLink? Then E-Mail me, there's plenty of room!

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