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Ken Snyder Racing logo
Ken Snyder Racing - Got to start out with my racing pages!

Chelsea Snyder Racing logo
Chelsea Snyder Racing - SCCA Solo II RX-7 in "C" Street Prepared Ladies and Open class.
She's my wife and I got to co-drive her car -- couldn't get much better than that!

A/Q Wiring Service
A/Q Wiring Service - My part-time job, assisting local racers with electrical systems and installation.

Marine Corps logo

United States Marine Corps - Official website for the United States Marine Corps. I spent 6 & 1/2 years in the Corps, and learned my trade there. I wouldn't be anywhere near as successful as I have been (or hope to be) without the experiences I received during my tour of duty in the Marines. Check it out!

Standing In Inspection   MARINES  Marine A-4 Skyhawk and Crew

190th Air Refueling Wing, Kansas National Guard
190th Air Refueling Wing, Kansas Air National Guard -- The "Kansas Coyotes", a vital element of the Air Force's in-flight refueling mission.  I'm proud to say I'm now a member of this great unit.  Stop by to learn more!

Heart Of America Chapter, OCA -- Kansas City area chapter of the Oldsmobile Club of America.
Another site I built............

Lakeside Speedway logoI-70 Speedway logo

Lakeside Speedway and I-70 Speedway: Kansas City's circle track racing places!

The Kansas Speedway
KANSAS SPEEDWAY -- The 1.5-mile oval here in Kansas City, Kansas!
From the fine folks that brought you Daytona, Talladega, and Darlington, among others.......

Millard Racing
Millard Racing - A good friend of ours' racing team out at I-70 Speedway!
- anything you ever wanted to know about racing (by the way, parts of our site's there)

The Rainmakers

Kansas City's own Rainmakers - no more needs to be said. Truly great music!


Webb Wilder - Last Of The Full Grown Men!   Webb Wilder logo

Work Hard, Rock Hard, Eat Hard, Sleep Hard, Grow Big, Wear Glasses If You Need 'Em -- The Webb Wilder Credo

The Last Of The Full Grown Men.
One electrifying artist, impossible to sit still when he's rockin'!


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