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rocket logorocket logoJune 14, 2003
Columbia, Missouri

Archway Chapter LogoHOAC Logo
Hosted by Archway and Heart of America Olds Clubs
Official South-Central Zone Chapters of OCA

Legend Automotive Group
500 Vandiver
Columbia, MO 65202

First time Archway Olds Club and Heart of America Chapter hosted a show together!
*** OCA Zone Show ***
*** OCA National Point Judging ***

What else can be said?  IT WAS GREAT!  Great weather, great people and great cars were the standard fare for our first-ever joint show with the fine folks from the Archway Olds Club.  Many Heart of America Chapter members brought their Rockets out, as did our friends from the east side of the state. For those who haven't been able to attend many events from outside our area it was quite a treat!  (Note: even though Chelsea and I didn't have a car to show, it was well worth the drive just to come out, look around and visit!)  The folks from the Archway Olds Club were like long lost friends, the cars were great and as varied from all eras of the Oldsmobile marque as they could be.

A huge THANK YOU has to go out to John Palmberger, Alan Adams, Jerry Wilson and the Legend Automotive Group.  Without their efforts this inaugural event simply could not have happened.  GREAT JOB!

Here's a list of the HOAC members that received awards:

If anyone has pictures to share, please let me know -- I'd like to have a couple to share here!

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